The Great British Children’s Challenge

Welcome to The Great British children’s Challenge. If you’ve found our website then you are one step closer to helping your child become the best version of themselves. We will inspire them, encourage them and set them fun challenges based on core values. We’re making learning fun, your child will track their progress throughout the course of the month and will always receive a shiny, themed medal. They can collect them, take them into school to show their teachers and inspire their friends.

Not only will you be helping your child, you’ll be helping us raise 1 million pounds for local and national charities. £1 of the £6 medal cost will always be donated to our charity of the month.

Raise funds – get fit – collect medals – have fun

Our goal

To encourage children to be active in and out of school hours and
therefore encourage habits that battle childhood obesity

To educate children on charitable giving and good causes

To reward children with collectible achievement medals

To enable children that may be underachievers at school to gain
confidence through sport

To educate parents and provide them with a challenge they can do in
their own time with their children

Helping children discover core values

James Hickman
Venetia Sanders – Founder

We aim to sweep the UK spreading kindness and educating as well as influencing children to make smart choices regarding their health and well being. I was overweight as a child which was my motivation for this project along with learning that only 1 in 5 children aged 5-10 were getting 60 minutes of  daily activity . The mind is a sponge during the primary school years and if learning life long habits can become fun and rewarding then we must be on to a winner

James Hickman
James Hickman – Olympic Swimmer

Getting children active as a habit is so important not just for physical health but also for mental wellbeing. I love how the Great British Children’s Challenge has something that any and every child can have a go at. Let’s get kids out there having fun.

This month’s challenge is…

The Kindness Counts Award

We are kicking off with our beautiful Kindness Counts medal. Encourage your children to be kind, helpful little people through taking part in our virtual kindness challenge. Children must partake in as many kind acts as possible. Encourage them to log them and share them with friends and teachers. We love to hear your stories so contact us on our Facebook page. We have some extra special awards for children that go the extra mile. Click on October’s challenge for more information and to get started.

Ready, steady……go!

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