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This month our challenge is Emergency Heroes. Celebrating all the hard work our emergency services do combined with learning vital life skills. We will also be donating £1 from each medal to our charity partner Nottingham Hospitals Charity.

The Challenge

1. Learn how to make an emergency phone call 

Teach your children how important it is to be able to use a phone in an emergency situation. It’s something that is easily overlooked but in a crucial moment can be a lifesaving skill. It’s easy to imagine a child picking up a phone and dialling 999 but with smart phones, passcodes and facial recognition it is worth giving your child a quick lesson on how to navigate a mobile phone. Please make sure children understand how important it is to only use this in an emergency situation.

We are partnering with Daisy First Aid who have some amazing downloadable work sheets including ‘What is an emergency?’ ‘When to call’ and ‘Which emergency service?’. Visit them at www.daisyfirstaid.com

This fantastic video shows children how to make an emergency call:

How to make an emergency 999 call

To make an emergency call on a locked iPhone:

Press the Home button on the iPhone to trigger the passcode screen. Tap Emergency in the bottom left corner of the screen

To make an emergency call on a dead iPhone

Press and hold the side button and one of the Volume buttons until the Emergency SOS slider appears. Drag the Emergency SOS slider to call emergency services.

For other types of phone please refer to your providers website for tips and shortcuts.


2. Memorising their home address

With so many accidents happening in the home and as a nation us being at home so much more than usual this year, we thought it would be a fitting challenge and this bit is just as important. Make sure your child can recall your address including your postcode if they are a bit older.

3. Emergency First Aid

This is a great time to introduce your child to first aid. They might want to practice on their teddies or wrap your arm with a tea towel and that’s great! It’s great knowledge to have.

You will receive your medals 3-5days after signing up and you can give them to you children when they have completed their version of the challenge. Feel free to adapt the challenge to their surroundings, age and abilities.




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