The Big Cycle Challenge

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We are riding into the future with Tour de France to offer you an exciting cycling challenge.

It’s adaptable for all ages and abilities, just choose which parts of the challenge work for you and then get out and get cycling!

You have the whole month to complete your challenge so be ambitious and send us pictures of how you are getting on.

Through the month we will be covering the following points across our social media channels so don’t forget to like, follow and share with your friends. We will send your Tour De France themed medal a month from your sign up date so you have plenty of time to complete the challenge.

The Challenge

Make this challenge your own. Adapt it to your own surroundings and ability. We don’t ask for proof, your medals will be posted automatically.

Tour De France – Riding into the future

Choose the distance most suitable for your child and get started!




Challenge goals

Complete the Tour De France – Riding into the future part of the challenge

For younger children..

Learn to ride your bike – Use this challenge as a great way to get out and start cycling.

Leave the stabilisers behind – Can your little ones graduate from using stabilisers within the Big Cycle Challenge month?

For all children….

Cycle safe and sound – Always wear a helmet and use your bell to make pedestrians aware of your presence.

Cycling for health and wellbeing – Cycling has so many rewards for the body and mind. You can find more about the benefits of cycling here:

Get to know your bicycle:

Our friends at Bikeability have some amazing resources on bike safety, maintenance and cycling courses you can do in your own time.



**Please note that medals are not a toy and children should always be supervised when wearing a medal**

9 reviews for The Big Cycle Challenge

  1. Paula Murray

    This is a fantastic idea! There isn’t much out there in the way of cycling challenges. Lilly is very much looking forward to the challenge!

  2. Schnare (verified owner)

    This is a great challenge my daughter has been doing this and has even brought her bike to wales on holiday to cycle. She has shown great enthusiasm and determination.

  3. Pat Holland (verified owner)

    My 12 year old granddaughter Erin has just completed the 35km challenge. We love cycling together and I hope more people encourage youngsters to take part.
    We enjoyed our ride out and have photos and lovely memories of our day together
    Looking forward to presenting her with the medal

  4. Shaun butler

    Love the challenge. Has given my daughter coral, 8, something to aim for. Good way of introducing kids to cycling.

    She only started riding last month and already managed to complete the challenge

  5. Jo Haslam (verified owner)

    My 11 year old daughter Molly has completed the 35km challenge, she has actually done a distance of 46km. She has had a fab time doing it and wants to continue! 🚴‍♀️👏🏻

  6. Kay (verified owner)

    My daughter has loved this challenge. She had only just started to ride without stabilizers so gave the perfect opportunity to practice riding. She recieved her medal yesterday and is very proud of it. She is currently watching some of the Tour De France whilst wearing her medal.

  7. Barry

    Signed up my 2 boys, they completed the challenge we set them and even did extra miles because Grandparents promised 50p a mile each for every mile past the distance set. My oldest has earned himself £30 and the youngest a tenner.

  8. vicky

    Fantastic challenge! And a great quality medal. My youngest age 5 was super keen to get out and complete the 35k we set for him, this encouraged my eldest to join in too. Super proud of their achievement. On to the next!

  9. Rachael (verified owner)

    So amazing that you had a choice of distances, was perfect for the varying abilities of my three children who had great fun completing this one, thank you

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